My Favourite Things about Summer

Hello everybody!

It is summer (at least that’s what my calender says… the weather doesn’t seem to sure about it) and there are some things that I love about this time of the year:

1.  This is quite an obvious one: The weather! You finally get to wear all those lovely summer dresses, sandals, shorts and bikinis. This leads me to my second point.

2. Going to the beach (or the lake or the lido)! This year I’ve been lucky enough to say that I’ve been to all three of them. In Mainz, where I study, we have loads of lidos and when the weather was good I went there with some friends. My parents live close to a few lakes so every time I visit them I go there for a swim (or two) with our dog and my brothers. 

3. Going on holidays: This year I did something rather unusual: I went on a holiday to the sea! Normally I do city trips (my favourites being London and Berlin) or go hiking in the Alps. But this year I really wanted to go the North Sea and that’s what we did! My mum, one of my brothers and I went on a little vacation to Norden. We went to the beaches, saw baby seals and went on a walk through the mudflats to the island of Baltrum!

4. Another obvious one: My birthday! Who doesn’t like their birthday? Your friends and family come together and you get to see people you haven’t seen in ages! And there are presents, too 🙂

5. This is probably the most important thing: Spending time with my family! In 2014 I finished school and went to uni. Since then I didn’t see them on a daily basis like I used to but rather once a month or even every other month (or not at all while I was in Canada) and I can tell you, I really miss them! But during summer we get a few months off and during this time I always work in an office at the same company my dad does for four weeks. And staying with my family for four weeks in a row is something really special to me!

What are your favourite things about summer?

Lots of love!